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Parkero is a program for processing parking duration surveys by matching license numbers (car registration license plates). It can provide you with information about the number of parked vehicles, parking capacity, turnover and duration details for each parking space or a group of parking spaces.

In Parkero, license numbers have to be registered/entered to a specific time-period of a parking space (so called Parking Space Unit, or PSU). One parking space (PSP) is part of a section, like a street or parking lot. Finally, one or more sections form a route.

During the survey, an observer walks this route several times, based on the observation inteval. He/She writes down the license numbers of the vehicles that are parked in the different parking spaces. Parkero can generate the observation forms automatically.

When the survey is finished, the license numbers have to be entered into Parkero. When that's done, you can generate the results of the parking duration survey. The results can be summarized/averaged by route, section, parking spaces, parking space types and time period. The results include:

parking capacity (psp and psu)
parking duration distribution
parkingcount (vehicles and psu)
number of false parked vehicles
average occupancy rate
average parking duration
turn-over (vehicles per parking space)
parkingcount per time interval and parking duration

Several routes can be entered in one Parkero-file, so it's easy to generate the total-results of the complete survey. Parkero is based on the method as written in the Dutch publication "Tellen en meten in het verkeer" by the C.R.O.W. (publication 83).

Report examples 1 and 2 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF-files).

English, Dutch and customizable


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MS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

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