Trenso traffic engineering software

Trenso is a Dutch company which develops traffic engineering software. At this moment we have seven different programs. Regular we bring out new versions of these programs. We welcome suggestions for adjustments and new programs. Please contact:

Trenso traffic engineering software

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Erik de Jong
Sperwerstraat 4
5111 DM
The Netherlands

Trenso / Erik de Jong

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Updates and upgrades

An update of a program is a newer version of the program. In an update only errors are fixed. Updates are free for customers who bought the program. Each program has a versionnumber that contains three numbers. You can recognize an update by the last number in the versionnumber. For example version 3.1.2: this is the second update of version 3.1 of the program (version 3.1 update 2).

An upgrade is a newer version of the program. An upgrade contains fixed problems (if there are) and new functions. Upgrades are not for free. If the customer has entered a servicecontract the customer receives updates and upgrades for free. As soon as an upgrade is launched, customers which did not enter a servicecontract will not receive updates anymore.


Via this site you can download a free demoversion of the desired program. If you want to use the full version of the program you can ask without obligation for a registrationform. You can ask for the registrationform via the program (see 'Register' in the help-menu of the program) or via this site (see 'order').

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